Hemant Sahi Designs


A major problem with wireless headphones is that the music control buttons on the headphones are usually very small and placed in such a way that one can find it troublesome to navigate through one’s music.


ez-HP, an in-house project, are designed in a way to help its users effortlessly navigate through their music by being able to easily feel the button and recognize its function. The buttons are placed in a way that makes it easy for the user to memorize where the needed button is. There are also a dial on each side, one for seeking music and other for volume control. To activate a function the user just has to lightly push the button towards his or her ear in a tapping motion.


The headphones come with a microSD card slot to serve as a music player and Bluetooth connectivity to connect to external music streaming devices. A microUSB port allows for charging the internal music player as well as for transferring new music.