Feb 272012

Samsung GALAXY Beam is the projector smartphone that allows users to display and share multimedia content anywhere on a large luminous projector screen.

Video clips, maps, business information, games – a whole range of multimedia content can be beamed instantly by GALAXY Beam on a crisp, high-definition projection up to 50’’ wide. The device features a projector-dedicated application which makes it easy to select content and activate projection in a few simple steps. More


Jan 052012

from Stuff.tv

Bottom Scanning Security

Imagine sitting down in your car and having the engine start automatically as the cabin adjusts itself to your personal specifications, or plopping down in your desk chair to log in to your PC .

next big thing bottom scanning security chair seat

The seat is 98% accurate when detecting who is seated on the driver’s seat and its more convenient as compared to face recognition or finger print scanning.
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Sound Perfume glasses

Sound Perfume is a pair of glasses, developed in Japan, that stores eight solid-state perfumes which can be emitted when you meet someone.

Next Big Thing – Sound Perfume glasses

This helps you remember the encounter more clearly, by associating a particular smell with that person.
Check out the awesome product video

Dec 142011

Simple, effective and mind-boggling!

Spectral Layers by DIVIDE FRAME allows users to visually edit audio and extract parts of the track based on their frequency or harmonics. A brush-like tool used in the editing process is what makes this application unique. Check out the demo below to see the magic as it happens:

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Oct 312011

from engadget

This prototype Nokia Kinetic Device, is evident that the company is not just sitting on it’s ass waiting to achieve glory by booting WinPho on its devices. But, even though navigating-by-bending might seem like an innovative way to use a phone, one really wonders whether this is just Nokia’s way of making you have a fore-arm work out while you do so.


Oct 052011

Check out the video below to see what Apple unveiled to the world today, as the next big thing in smartphones.

Now go check out Siri’s homepage.

Oh, and the new iPhone (4S) which also launched today, looks just like the iPhone 4 but has a faster processor and a better camera and comes with iOS 5. That’s it.

BONUS First Siri Commercial:

Sep 022011

Samsung's Galaxy Note

If not the mainstream, this is a device for the niche. Samsung has launched a tabone (tablet + phone) device with a 5.3 inch screen, a fast dual-core processor and it’s got a stylus that lets people take notes, annotate screenshots, and draw.

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Jul 052011

Flying Machine Arena (YouTube)