Jul 112012

From Stuff: Ever wanted to see the wonders of an erupting volcano from the comfort and safety of your living room? Thanks to RationalCraft’s Winscape virtual window technology, you can.

Jun 212011

Decide is an eCommerce website that educates consumers on when it’s best to buy their next laptop, television or camera.

The problem, as Decide CEO Mike Fridgen sees it, is that the rapid rate at which technology evolves can often leave consumers with a feeling of buyer’s remorse if they discover there’s now a newer version of that laptop, TV or camera they just bought.

Search for a product and get an immediate buy or wait recommendation, along with a machine-generated prediction on when to buy and a percentage indicating Decide’s confidence in that prediction.

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Mar 212011

The 46″ prototype TV, shown at CeBit in Germany, includes solar panels that produce energy from the ambient light in a room – because it was engineered to use very little energy, no additional power sources are needed. The thin screen can display images and information while allowing objects behind it to be visible – this means that it has applications ranging from car windshield HUDs to storefront displays and digital window blinds. Continue reading »

Feb 152011

It’s about time HTC brought its tablet baby out in the open. They’re calling it, HTC Flyer.HTC Flyer 

It features a 7-inch Super LCD touch screen and runs a modified version of Adroid 2.4 with the company’s custom user interface, HTC Sense. Although, AndroidCentral has confirmed that it will be getting made-for-tablet Android 3 OS i.e Honeycomb.

Unique to HTC

In the office: HTC’s Scribe and digital ink technology give’s you the experience of using a pen to take notes, draw pictures,and more, right on the tablet. The device will come with built-in synchronization to the note-taking app Evernote, and will let you record audio during a meeting or event and sync it up with your written notes.

Entertainment: You’ll be able to access OnLive’s library of games and play them right on the tablet or on your TV over a broadband wireless connection.

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Feb 152011

Getting the viewers attention is one thing, but creating content that enables a user to engage with the product in a unique way is a whole different ball game. What you will see below is a commercial for Honda Jazz and then a clip that shows you a “sound-syncing” app that lets you interact with the characters from the commercial as they pop up on the screen.

From Honda: “This Unpredictable Life” glorifies the epic challenge of trying to engineer a car that predicts everything life will throw at you. It’s a reflection of the wonderful and unpredictable journey of life’s twists, turns, ups and downs as we follow a character floating through life in an animated world. We see his journey from birth through to growing up and starting a family of his own, collecting experiences and possessions along the way: demonstrating the Jazz’s ability to handle all that life has to throw at the modern family.

We also created a ground-breaking digital app that introduces the ability to “play” with a television commercial using a mobile phone. The app allows viewers of the film to “catch” the animated characters as the commercial appears on screen. It’s the first time this sound-synching technology has ever been used in a commercial.

Use your iPhone to catch and play with characters as they fly out of the Honda Jazz film. Whether you’re watching it on your TV, computer, or on another iPhone, just reach out and grab the characters as they appear on the screen. Try to collect them all, and keep an eye out for some unpredictable extras.

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Jan 232011


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