Sep 132012


It’s the world’s thinnest smartphone. Weighs 20% lighter than the 4S. Looks basically the same. Has support for 4G LTE. Processor and graphics are twice as fast as 4S with the A6 chip inside. 8 MP camera with advanced optics. The connector at the bottom has gotten much smaller.

With-contract pricing starts at $199, with the 4S starting at $99 and the iPhone 4 at $0.

Pre-orders from 14th September. Shipping starts on the 21st.

Mar 132012

How-to: Available for jailbroken iOS 5 devices – that’s the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch – i4Siri is something that Apple won’t be happy about, but apparently hasn’t managed to block yet.


Install iPad 2/iPad Spire: