Apr 242014

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes works mainly with ordinary black pens to magically illustrate his “doodle” world. The 23-year old artist considers his art as a personal hobby which turned out to be his part-time freelance work after being recognized by various design blogs, international magazines and online communities.


Aug 252011

from mashable: The career of one of America’s most innovative businessmen has been more than just a string of moments, but these 10 peeks at Steve Jobs’ formidable presence will remind you of why his resignation is such a momentous event.

From his cocky early days launching Macintosh, to his triumphant return to the company, to his jeans-and-black-shirt days of the iPod, iPhone and iPad — he kept keynote attendees and employees alike on the edge of their seats until his last “one more thing.”

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Mar 022011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The new iPad.

New Features Summary

It’s pretty much the same, except that its not.

Releasing on March 11th, The iPad 2 is faster, has a super sleek new design and front and back facing cameras.

Oh yeah, and it has that astonishingly well design multifunctional magnetic cover.