Sep 242013

Here’s a selection of my favorite apps for this edition of Android Top 5.

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This application allows you to shake your phone in order to trigger various actions! Even if your screen is off, you can still shake it, and it’ll work!



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Gravity Screen
Made for frequent phone checkers, this app turns your automatically screen off when you put your phone into your pocket or onto a table and turn the screen on when you take it out or up. No need to touch any button and you are ready to go.

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Pie Control
Makes navigating through your phone really quick and easy. Slide your thumb in from the left or right of your screen to get access to shortcuts to home, notifications menu and any app that’s on your phone.

Cover artShare Keyboard & Mouse
Control your phone from your desktop with your mouse and keyboard over USB, Wifi an Bluetooth. It even allows you to copy and paste text between device. Even though still in beta, it works great!

Cover artScreen Filter
Applies a shade that acts as a dimmer to ensure your eyes don’t hurt. Far more powerful than Android’s built-in brightness setting. Great for low-light gaming, web browsing, and eBook reading. It even saves battery life for AMOLED displays!

Jun 212011

Nokia has unveiled the N9, its first smartphone featuring the MeeGo mobile operating syste...Guardian UK: This new N9 is probably the best user interface that Nokia has delivered on a smartphone to date. Although, despite probably being the best smartphone that Nokia has ever launched it may easily be a “death-on-arrival“.

This is the most powerful handset ever produced by Nokia. On the front is a subtly curved 3.9″ 854 x 480 pixel AMOLED display, and on the back is an 8 megapixel camera. The operating system is MeeGo 1.2 “Harmattan”, derived in part from Nokia’s Maemo platform that we last saw in the N900 almost two years ago.

Marko Ahtisaari, head of design at Nokia said, “With the Nokia N9, we wanted to design a better way to use a phone. We reinvented the home key with a simple gesture: a swipe from the edge of the screen.”

Check out the super cool and shockingly user-friendly official website where you get to experience this new Nokia offering.

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